Creative Communication Solutions 

We help your small business or nonprofit organization tell impactful stories to increase visibility and awareness, attract and retain customers, donors, and supporters, and increase funds by creating engaging content for your digital communication channels.

Let us enhance your content strategy with a fresh perspective and create stories to help you achieve your goals.  

 What my colleagues and clients say...

  • The job of a Communications Manager requires quick thinking and a myriad of skills ranging from editing to strategic planning to project management. Elisa is a skilled editor. She is excellent at the fundamental task of proofreading, but really shines at adjusting tone, matching stories to projects and strategically selecting content for target audiences. She is also highly skilled at producing content with an enormous ROI—she motivates and converts casual fans into dedicated supporters with a quick turn of phrase. She cares about the people who work for her and she deeply cares about the people who she is ultimately doing the work for. She is an asset to any team she leads and works with.
    Trish Adkins
    Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
  • I worked with Elisa on a large project to overhaul the Women of Reform Judaism’s website. She was integral to the project’s success, and took the lead on content creation. Even though she joined the team after the project had kicked off, she hit the ground running! Elisa audited hundreds of pieces of existing content, organizing and refreshing it, and arranging it in a user-friendly manner. She was dedicated to making sure the content was intuitive, accessible, and engaging. I’d be glad to work with Elisa on another project!
    Danielle Marshall
    Tech Leader
  • Her ability to be concise while telling a complete and elegantly logical story are matched only by her unflagging energy and dedication. If I needed a talented writer on my team, I’d hire Elisa.
    Rachel Kobin
    Philadelphia Writers Workshop